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The girl you NEVER want to be.
The girl you NEVER want to know.

The trashy-est, skinniest, scenest girl in a certain area. The girl with the most scene points, the most myspace friends, the most picture comments, etc. She's gone out with AND slept with every scene guy within a 200 mile radius of her house. she's a slut with no sense of self worth, yet everyone wants to be her. she's the "it" girl of all the scene kids and is constantly being asked out by scene girls and guys. she's totally popular and is always surrounded by her scene friends but none of them are nearly as scene as she is. in some cases the scene queen gets offended by being called a scene queen and will rarely admit to how hard she tries to be scene. she probably has an eating disorder, lots of them do because their popularity is based on their looks and no one would like them if they wore size 0 jeans instead of double 0's, right? anyway, the scene queen usually ends up turning into a sleazy, grimey, filthy whore with every STD ever discovered.
The Scene Queen:
-has the most extentions in her hair
-has the most layers and colours in her hair
-has the most myspace accounts/livejournals/facebooks/aim sn's
-immediately gets 4000 comments everytime she puts up a picture on myspace
-is constantly changing her look
-wouldn't dare leave the house without ten pounds of makeup
-slept with your boyfriend
-is completely superficial
-is a whore
-needs to shut up, put some clothes on, and get a reality check.
by static anonymity June 22, 2007

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