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That stuff you use to make bread.
No perverted crap here.
Wheat constantly fights Rye in the Bread War.
by StatenIslander December 05, 2007
Birth name: Dallas Winston

A character from The Outsiders. The tough guy in the Greaser gang, he committed suicide after Johnny Cade died from severe burns after he saved kids from a burning church.
Dally livened up The Outsiders a great deal.
by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
What many of the posts on this website here are.
What happened to everyone's mentality?
some examples:
-Look up "Buddha", and go towards the last pages.
-Look up "Brooklyn", and look at some of the stuff under it that start with "Brooklyn".

Pervertedness = evil
by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
That black, salty, savory liquid one may pour over meat, vegetables, rice, or anything.
Soysauce can also be a nickname for those who OD on it and get hypertension.
by StatenIslander December 04, 2007
1) Traditional Japanese noodle soup
2) Technically incorrect name for instant noodles, as they can be other types, like bah kut teh (Malay) or tom yam gung (Thai). Can be made in just a few minutes, but has some drawbacks:
-Not as healthy as real noodles, as the noodle brick was flash-fried beforehand.
-Typically loaded with MSG. When consumed in large amounts, it can make your hair gray or even fall out.
3) Something to do with "amen" and Pastafarianism, I'm not sure what exactly.
Silly person- I like ramen! I'll eat it for two years straight.
*two years later*
Silly person- Wowee! A natural hair dyer! I should tell my friends about this!
by StatenIslander November 20, 2007
An alternative to cow's milk, recommended for vegans and lactose-intolerant people.
My whole family likes soymilk, but I'm allergic to it. For some reason, I can eat tofu with no problem at all.
by StatenIslander December 04, 2007
Yeah yeah, they were the poor people's food. They're still cheap and still tasty though, especially in plain soup.
Chitlins require little money yet give much satisfaction.
by StatenIslander November 21, 2007
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