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It's actually one of those things that you put in the middle of the table and spin around so that you can reach different things. They're really useful for things like carrot sticks and dips.

...And barbeques.

...And drinks.

...Not forgetting passing the butter!

Don't taint the wonderous invention with your dirty meanings.
You have a Lazy Susan? Wow! Can I use it?
by state.of.bliss! October 17, 2007
One who has become rich after starting out life poor. They are often knighted if living in the UK.

From the words Peasant and President (meant as in president of a company. Although it could just as easily refer to someone become the actual president of a country).

Examples of peasidents include (Sir) Alan Sugar and (Sir) Richard Branson.
"Oooh! Richard Branson is such a peasident!"
"I know! But he's not on The Apprentice like Alan Sugar. He's more of a peasident."
"Quite possibly."
by state.of.bliss! October 17, 2007

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