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All-male schooling that costs a lot leads to this unfrotunate condition. Boys survive the experience by becoming aggressive pricks or defensive and slightly sorry-looking nerds who can't get the girls. The first kind play rugby and squash and become city finance wankers, the second play cricket and become civil servants (with memories of the empire). Both characterised by juvenile sense of humour throughout adult life. Not always posh. However lack of interaction with those in the real world until 18 years means they're very snobby and on most issues think themselves better than others, who they sometimes deign to pity - particularly
around 'culture' and how to speak 'correctly.' They involuntarily bristle at those that say "wa-er" (water) and "somefink" and condole themselves that these lesser being had the misfortune to be badly educated. Nevertheless, they're are those that think themselves cool; either listen to hip-hop and wear skate gear, or wear surf-gear and travel on their gap-year to Goa. On daddy's credit card. Or that rather large inheritance they came into. Wouldn't stand a chance in the
He's acting like he's SO street/working class, but he went to a £20, 000 a year school. What a public school twat.
by state-school reject October 18, 2004

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