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1 definition by starsandjars

A tiny town in the very North-West corner of Georgia. Middle aged and elderly people who will never get out of Ringgold like to think of it as a charming place to live. They enjoy attending the various festivals that are held in a futile attempt to make the town seem like it is in any way interesting. The truth is, Ringgold is merely a suburb of Chattanooga. A place where people who work at Unum or Enterprise South sleep in between shifts.

In recent years, Ringgold has tried to market itself as a place of historic significance, in the hopes of feeding off some of Chattanooga's success in the tourism business. This has been a complete failure.

Ringgold is full of Evangelical Christians, homophobia, and teen pregnancy. People who claims not to see this are lying to themselves. Ringgold is like a vortex, even if you think you've finally escaped, it just sucks you right back in.

No one who lives outside of Ringgold knows what the hell it is.
Person no. 1: I'm finally getting out of Ringgold! New York city, here I come.
Person no. 2: Good luck with that. You'll be back here sharing our misery son enough.

~4 months later~

Person no. 2: Oh, what are you doing back here? I thought you said that you were getting out of Ringgold.
Person no. 1: FUCK OFF!
by starsandjars April 03, 2011