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1. A humorous or derogatory term meant to reference any bodily orifice.

2. A humorous term of endearment for a close friend or family member. The humor is derived from dirty or unclean connotations.
1. Shut your stank hole.

2. What up my stank holes?
by stank hole marc January 31, 2011
Something which can describes a freak out associated to specific people, places, things, and/or events.
I'm having a jigsaw puzzle meltdown.

I'm having a Martin Luther King Day meltdown.

If you don't leave me alone, you're gonna give me a meltdown.
by stank hole marc January 31, 2011
The quality of being extremely cool, awesome, and/or above average with the humorous connotation of being dirty.
That model's stank. Watch her walk: stank, stank, stank.
by stank hole marc January 31, 2011

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