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a place and time that is a total waste of a human biengs own time, and since time equals money, all the time we spent "learning" means that we all are just wasting money$$$
"Dude, school sucks the big ass and all the teachers are gay antway!"
by stan n May 04, 2005
a nother way of saying you suck or something like that
A person trips;
"Hey you....way to suck at life!"
by stan n May 04, 2005
An imaginary animal that is a frog and a monkey combined, dances alot.
"Dude did you see those Frunkies dance"
"Yo Frunkies are 'do fro'sizzle!"
by stan n May 04, 2005
halo is god and a damn good game
dude halo is god........................
by stan n May 04, 2005
cant play baseball
0% skill, 100% ass
"Wow, dude those mets suck"
"Hell yea!"
by stan n May 04, 2005
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