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The greatest person alive. no, i'm kiddin, but you gotta love bob ross.
Bob: ok. . . now, we're gonna paint some happy little trees up here in the corner. . . that's right. now, i want oyu all to remember, there are no mistakes, only happy accidents. you can't make mistakes: your're sipmyy going to paint your dreams on canvas.
by st. cats girl June 22, 2005
preps don't wear hollister, abercrombie, tommy hilfiger or any of that shit. i should know, i'm a prep. real preps, not poser preps, wear polo, lacoste, northface, burberry,uggs, you know, the stuff you only wish you could afford to wear.
wanna be prep: look how awesome i am with my high tops and abercrombie polo!!!!!
prep: you suck, no two ways about it, so STOP BEING SUCH A POSER!!!!
by st. cats girl June 23, 2005

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