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The day between Thursday and Saturday, and after that, comes Sunday. Everybody is excited for Friday. Also the day when 13 year-olds are allowed to drive around the city in a convertible, questioning their decision of the seat that they have chosen to reside in.
Kick it in the front seat, kick it in the back seat, which seat can I take?

Ask Rebecca Black about Friday, cuz she knows what's going down.
by squirtle ;) March 22, 2011
the disease you get from being a skype whore. AKA, an STD.
Carrie was up all night on Skype with Billy, if she isn't careful she's gonna get a Skypetually Transmitted Disease.
by squirtle ;) October 11, 2011
somebody who whores all of the Oreos.
Freaking Nicole never shares her Oreos. What a whoreo.
by squirtle ;) October 11, 2011

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