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Actually a pretty decent way to spend an afternoon if you do a search for "goth", "depressed", or "emo."
Them:"i hurt inside. i cut myself again today."
You: *Pbthhhh* WAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
by Squeed February 14, 2005
Dried leaves in hot water.
Tea. Not the most mouth-watering combination, but works quite well.
by Squeed September 03, 2005
"Where at?" in some language or other. I think it's Korean.
"Yo man, pai nai?"
"Dude, wtf?"
by Squeed February 24, 2005
A gay man so deep in the closet, he finds Christmas presents.
"Is he gay?"
"No, he's a metrosexual."
"Tomahto, tomato."
by Squeed September 03, 2005
Truth in its purest form.
I kick so much ass. You know it to be true.
by Squeed March 10, 2005
The absolute opposite of good.
"Dude, my dog just died."
by Squeed February 22, 2005
1) a famous band

2) a body part
1) duh.

2) dude, your pink floyd just tore down the wall...
by Squeed February 17, 2005

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