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Ok heres a correct definition. :P
1) To whipang someone means to slap them.
2) Whipang is the sound of a slap.
3) If someone is whipanged, they are shamed.
"Oooh whatch out, Patty might whipang you..."
"I think your ass just got whipanged!"
by squashi_mitsu April 15, 2005
A "sexy" teacher at a certain high school in NZ who thinks he's so cool and hippity hop.
Ewww Robourghs flirting with you, man!
by squashi_mitsu May 07, 2004
An exclamation generally used by rednecks, bogans, Jethro, a Coxhead, etc, etc.
Hot diggity dam, ahuck huck
by squashi_mitsu December 06, 2003
Someone who, no matter how hard they try, always has hair that grows up, not down. Someone who doesnt wear underclothes. Someone who kills others pets "just because". Also see bogan
You're such a Coxhead
by squashi_mitsu December 06, 2003
Patricia (aka Patty) from Hiksville (aka Inglewood) is the Patsta :P
"Watch out for the Patsta!!!!!"
"Omg the Patsta's gunna kick my ass!"
by squashi_mitsu April 06, 2005
Generally means "Hell yeah" or really any form of slang word like that.
"Oh my god, that news is, like, so potatoes"
by squashi_mitsu August 13, 2004
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