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2 definitions by spsppss

R.I.P: 2002.

After creating Hella Good and Hey Baby, Gwen Stefani did what one could only call the act of musical suicide or death by selling out and creating awful music.

She has risen again in zombie form to create hip-hop songs such as Hollaback Girl.

Anyone who thinks the new gwen stefani is better than the old should die.
by spsppss April 18, 2006
A fob is short for someone who is fresh off the boat, or it could also be fresh over the border.

Generally fobs have extreme difficulty in various activities that come naturally to those that have lived in America for a long time.

1. Speaking English properly.

Asian FOBS and Hispanic FOBS both have singulo-plural (madeu up term) difficulties. Asians tend to revert every word to the singular, such as "Five ticket, Ice Age." Hispanics will change everything into the plural, for example by ordering one small popcorn by saying: "One small popcorns."

2. Purchasing items anywhere - FOBS of all varities take a longer time to decide what they want.

3. Deciding what movie to see in a theater before one steps in line - FOBS tend to ask the most inane questions about films such as: "What is popurar movie?" instead of knowing what they want.

4. Flirting - Fobs do not flirt as much as non-fobs.

Fobiness/Fobness/etc is generally looked down upon because it is easily fixable, and defobbulation makes interaction and communication more fun and profitable for all.
When the fobs are at their worst, lines never end.

Fob: One ticket... Match Point. Student.
Me: That'll be nine dollares.
*Fob is now in fobck for 5 years*
Fob: Ohhh....
by spsppss April 16, 2006