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verb. derived from Sir Digby Chicken Caesar a drunken tramp character played Robert Webb in That Mitchell and Webb Look who steals beer and cigarettes in an entertaining fashion.

The act of acquiring free drinks whilst drunk. Much like minesweeping this may involve simply picking up leftover drinks or stealing but whereas minesweeping is often a last ditch effort from an out of pocket drunk digbying is considered more of a sport requiring cunning and ingeniuity from it's players.

Similar to a dickensian style pickpocket the average digby-er may use techniques such as distraction, persuasion and trickery to acquire their target drink.
hayley: oh I'm so hungover, why do I feel so awful??
garrath: you were on a digby session all night, god knows what you were drinking and you nearly got punched by some crazy scottish lady.
hayley: good night then?

paul: where did stacey get all those shots?
charlotte: she's digbying... she flashed her boobs at that stag do in exchange for sambuca.
paul: oh.
by spriggers September 25, 2010

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