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A thief or a shop-lifter who instead of being sneaky or devious grabs what they’re after then makes a run for it hoping they will be able to outrun security. A less severe use of the expression refers to someone who takes something without asking.
The guard had a feeling this customer might be a Grabbit Rabbit and prepared to give pursuit.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 06, 2010
A very small, but usually reasonable, quantity of something. Used metaphorically it should not be compared to the actual worth of a nickel.
A nickelsworth of sweets will keep the kids happy for a while
by Spirit-Chickadee December 05, 2010
Any public place that is frequently littered with excrement. Especially one where you know at one point or another your body left you with no choice but to make your own contribution. Such areas tend to be where you find yourself accidentally stepping in something or feeling disgusted every time you remember the time you did.
Beware of Walker Street. It’s a shitrock monument of epic proportions.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 06, 2010
When you’re in a public place late at night after any potential bathrooms are no longer available to you, so in desperation you end up peeing on a brick wall or other property. This spot effectively becomes your backrock water park and you’ll never be able to walk past it again without thinking back.
I won't go to Edmonton's any more. Too many people I know have at one point or another used it as a backrock water park.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 06, 2010
When you have a falling out with someone and they go running to the friends you don’t know looking for support and reassurance. Sympathy will be immediately granted upon realizing their friend is upset and because they don’t know you they have no reason to believe you are anything but a troublemaker.

Unfortunately even in situations where you aren’t even the one to blame, these people may come looking to cause more trouble for you or turn the falling out into an even bigger ordeal than it was to begin with.
Yeah. We had a big falling out. Now he's got the Hitchcock Gang convinced I'm just a bitch.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 06, 2010
As far as many people are concerned the benevolent bitch is stuck up, arrogant, condescending, and always finding fault with everything. Intimidating and ruthless they are frequently supported by a group of people who believe this person can do no wrong.

However, to a lesser few the benevolent is only someone who has strong morals and high expectations – for themselves as well as everyone else! They believe in blunt honesty and in most cases won’t compliment you by telling you what you want to hear unless they believe you are truly deserving of such praise.

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to tell the difference between a benevolent bitch and an actual bitch, unless willing to judge them based solely on your own experiences and not the hearsay of others.
Guy 1: She's a total bitch!
Guy 2: A benevolent bitch maybe. I promise you she means well.
by Spirit-Chickadee December 06, 2010
Quite simply – I scratch your back, you scratch mine! Offering something to someone in exchange for something they can give you in return.
Tell you what mate. Shaver for a favor. I do this for you now, you'll take care of it all next week. Deal?
by Spirit-Chickadee December 05, 2010
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