8 definitions by spinme

Stands for Stupid Pink Annoying Bitch. They can be recognized by any of the following features:

~Is prevailent in Ireland/England.

~Favors orange faces, fluorescent ribbons tying up their peroxide blonde/black hair in a messy side ponytail.

~Has bad roots.

~Is surgically attatched to their Ugg boots.

~Puts concealer on their lips.

~On their Bebo/Myspace pictures, they will pose with their eyes raised to the sky and lips in an exagerated pout.

So unoriginal you can feel yourself getting blander by the second the longer you are in the vicinity of one.
Spab: *~*~*LyKe iM sO tOtAlLy HaWt~*~*~

Normal person: *stabs*
by spinme May 19, 2007

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