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"Work Place Anarchy" but more like "prison work for the people trying to stay out of prison".
This is the equivalent of an enterprise looking up to a bureaucratic education.
EFFECTIVE FOR SOME, maybe not all. Good life lesson to try.

Play pool, live life up, BUT
**don't let people think they know you.

REMEMBER: All black moms tell sons "Take no1s shit", jits take it too far.

I got kicked out for being attacked & getting pissed about being accused WHEN THE TEACHER WASNT EVEN IN CLASS & EVERY1 WAS SLEEPING (strict rules about sleeping).

I didn't try2 sue 4 discrimination b/c its wasting much time& using a book before driving Heavy Equipment Operator
(Construction Co's will train you in order to pay you low$).
books teach not2 get/run ovr s1 w streamroller like stories

(Now its time 4 college so no construction 4 me.)

me2u: "Leave your attitude, youre getting a new 1"
(they giv you health to change your tweakn attitude)

Snickers says you+hungry=grumpy.
Let's go to Job Corps in Muhlenburg, KY & get the opportunity to extend our Career building time so we can USE THE GOVERNMENTS $ for WATER PARKs & cleaning the streets :)

(cant take the ghetto out me, but move me, the ghetto maker)
by spilt milk=splashing puddles:) February 09, 2011

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