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coriciden cold and cough, a drug no one should start using, extremely dangerouse, and i am a testiment. i should be mentally retarded, but made a loooong recovery. stick to weed, even though its more expensive.

i started taking the drug when i found out that it wont show up on drug tests. i took eight the first time, and continued to use them more than three hundred different times, my immunity built up, and at the end, i was taking 24 at once. and one day i overdid it. i took 48 over the period of 12 hours..... bad decision! i ended up legally psychoatic in the hospital, and for 14 days straight, i couldnt think straight, it wasnt a prolonged high, i actually got aquainted with how it feels to be retarded. and somehow i pulled out of it. my stomach wasnt pumped, so its a wonder that i even lived. my iq score went down from 142 To 130 after all this....

so just smoke some weed, ccc is terribly addictive.

take my word litterally, this story is all true, this drug can be more dangerouse than crack.- i didnt even know my name.
that kid is tripping on triple c! too bad he doesnt know what can happen.
by spencer arden hunt December 11, 2008

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