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An anime where they portray history with personified countries.
It's pretty stereotypical and moe.
Hetare (Japanese stupid, idiotic) and Itaria (Japanese for Italy) make up the title "Hetalia."
It's mainly focusing on Italy's cowardice in WWII.

Personally, I love Hetalia.
I think it's a great doorway for people to get interested in History and the world.
Plus it's pretty damn funny and the dub for it isn't even that bad. Personally, I prefer it over the Japanese version because the accents really give it life. And what not.
I also like it because it makes Japan /not/ seem like the best country EVARRRR in anime.

Though, basically everything comes with some crazy ass fandom. The phrase I DESPISE is "I learned my history for Hetalia!"
Hetalia is NOT a substitute for a history book.
I also just don't get the pairings.
I don't know about you, but shipping two countries together is just /wrong/
Perhaps I could understand the whole Poland/Lithuania or Austria/Hungary to an extent since they were 'married'

Well, Prussia x himself is fairly understandable.
Hetalia is one of my favourite anime/mangas.
by speckled me May 30, 2011

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