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A show about three gay ass kids that do a dumbass webshow, that is not fucking funny at all. The main character, Carly, is a dumb brunette who looks like a cartoon that just got wacked in the face by a mallet and she tries to say funny shit even though she can't. Also, this bitch is a singer who sings worse than Hannah Montana(Big Shock). Then comes Sam. She is the tomboy of the trio and loves chilli and making fun of the loser, Freddy. She is the only one on the gay show that has a femine appearence. Then their's Freddy. The Technical Producer of icarly. He is a gay fag who makes out with computers. He has no life of his own so he hangs out with carly and hits on her all the time (I don't know how much they had to pay him to do that)....maybe 5 mill. And also, Carly has a brother, Spencer. He is the only semi-cool one on the show. The worst thing about the show is that it uses other company products and changes the name around.

Ex: Pear pod(i-pod)

Pear phone(i-phone)


If you watch this show and your a guy.......You must be pretty fruitty.
(Joe is calling Jim, 8:00 pm)
Joe: Hey man, I just scored us two chicks for the night, then were hitting a party, i'll be at your place to pick you up in 5 mintues.
Jim: Yeah, can we go in half an hour?
Joe: Why?
Jim: Well, im in the middle of watching an icarly episode and it's really good.
Joe: WOW...sorry man, i didn't know you were gay, i'll hook u up with a guy instead, ight.
Jim: Im NOT gay, I just love icarly
(Joe has his phone on speaker-phone and all of his freinds are hearing him).
Everyone in the car: Sure your not!
(Their all laughing at Jim)
by speakin the truth April 21, 2010
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