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A school that matters less than everyone thinks it does.
Who cares if it's got hundreds of extremely wealthy, entitled students? It blends in perfectly with other New Jersey wealthy towns like Livingston, Summit, Chatham, Far Hills, Essex Falls, Mountain Lakes, Watchung, Glen Ridge, etc.
Students from Millburn will end up at good colleges, but are by no means incredibly smart. Half the grade, on average, gets below an 1800 on the SATs.
There are also all the usual high school cliques, including the jocks, nerds, preps, goths, skaters, stoners, japs, and outcasts.
It's hit-or-miss in terms of teacher quality, and there are plenty of troubled kids always breaking the rules for reasons beyond "Well-my-daddy-told-me, I-can-do-anything-I-want."
There are hardly any field trips, but the music program is quite good, and there's a nice new turf football field. However, typical of an affluent, intense town, the arts program is notoriously underfunded.
Chances are, once a kid leaves Millburn High, they won't be remembering the four years there as "the best in their lives" and "the only time they felt truly at home" and "the time when I could be myself".
It's high school. Get over yourselves. It's not like life.
No one judges you by judging Millburn. Wait until you make something of yourself before you start measuring yourself up in the eyes of the world.
Mika: I went to Millburn High back in the day.
Joey: Oh. I've heard it's really rich and full of conformist JAPs, and that everyone is a genius, and the parties really suck, and everyone is always getting high on their dad's money before embarking on fabulous Wall Street careers.
Mika: Nope. I spent my summers at home, and I had normal friends, who I partied with, but we were never out of control because we wanted our parents to trust us, and we were rich, but not rich enough to misunderstand the value of money.
Joey: Oh. What do you do now?
Mika: Well, I went to NYU, and I've been working really heard as an accountant. Life isn't a bed of roses, but it's not bad either.
Joey: So, have you been back to visit?
Mika: Nah, it isn't really worth my time.
by speaker of da house March 04, 2008

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