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A mixed drink that can be made in 3 steps:
1. Pour tequila into a highball glass.
2. Add ice and trickle grenadine on top.
3. Fill the rest of the glass with orange juice and stir once.

Note: If you want to make a siberian sunrise instead just use vodka
I'd make more tequila sunrises, but we're out of ice.
by spastic biscuit August 04, 2005
the single most terrifying pair of words any man can ever hear. Resulting in having convince the women to go to the abortion clinic
man - hey babe how are you doing?
women - i'm late
man - F#*&(&* Christ!
by spastic biscuit April 10, 2005
when you get it up, but are unable to ejaculate
dude i had time to kill so i tried masturbating, but all i got was hard wood
by spastic biscuit February 22, 2005
the act of getting intoxicated
K-whooo whoooo ready to get your wobbles on?
M- yeah we sending ricki out to buy the liquor now
by spastic biscuit February 23, 2005

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