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Similar to the candy flip and hippie flip. The hippie dip is when one takes a pinch of dip (preferably Skoal because that is just American as fuck) and then proceeds to roll the tobbacco in some powder meth and hold it in their lip as a dip. Dale Yeah! America!
Example 1

Butterfly: Woah! You're tweaking haaarrd!
Sunshine: Dude, I'm hippie dipping my nuts off!

Example 2

Wildflower: I wanna take it to the next level, but im not sure what to do?
The Wizard: You should hippie dip!
Wildflower: What the fuck is that? you mean hippie flip?
thc wizard: NO! Really? you've never hippie dipped? thats super loose butthole!
by soundcloud.com/milkmustachz February 28, 2012

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