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Whats gonna happen if you keep drinking the 42 oz sweet tea,McRibs or McAnything for that matter.... people drink the tea like its made of crack...if the McRib was year round there would be no one left to sell it too
At my McJob we put four pounds of sugar in a five gallon bucket of sweet tea....it makes me feel great to be a McPloyee knowing that im gonna make the world have a McHeart-attack and or a McDiabetic...Im lovin serving McDeath
by sorrow_axe January 20, 2008
A unfortunate individual who is reduced to work for a surtain McFranchise for a very small amount of McMoney...You can spot a McPloyee by either a thick smell of a greasy food substitute,acny and low self asteem...and in most cases a short temper due to being McBroke and over worked...
I got a McJob worked 83 hours made $438 bucks on Friday and im McBroke Saturday I wanna McKill someone....Im lovin being a McPloyee..
by sorrow_axe January 20, 2008
What one smokes before going to McWork so they can cope with the fact that they are a McPloyee..also catch 22 what keeps someone at a McJob
I smoked a Mcjoint before before work because i hate my job.....aw man if i could just get a better job...
by sorrow_axe January 20, 2008
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