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Generally, I think of teenyboppers as being younger than 11 yrs old. ok ok, i used to listen to basketcase boys, spice girls(cringes), and the like. I've changed, i was a naive little girl. Anyway, what i'm saying is not all 14 yr olds are teenyboppers. I'm 14 and at least I know who Billy Joe, Kurt Cobain, and The Clash are. All I can say, if you only know of Green Day from MTV, get a life.
Teeny bopper: Omi gosh, you guys, look at my new sparkly pink punk tshirt! i also bought some new pink pearly lip gloss. It's so totally kewlie!

Me: Honestly, I hate your shirt, and that new pink pearly lip gloss looks like crap. Why would u put crap on your face!
by someone from someplace April 30, 2005
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