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AN EVIL, EVIL, REALLY EVIL LAUGH....muah ha ha ha ha
i kicked your dog...muah ha ha...
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003
a guy or girl who listens to rap and tries to rap with it and is a wannabe RETARD WHO LIKES BEING RETARTED
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003
a clown i saw in stop & shop
a clown named ju ju bee
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003
a person who has sex issues
omg aubrey is such a homo. she takes her sexual frustrations out on trees
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003
a REALLY REALLY REALLY annoying stuck up person who does not like anyone but their own species and is usually a cheerleader, rich, and blonde. And they love Ambecrombie and Finch and loves pink. They think that guys who wear rugby shirts and have blue eyes and are popular are "boyfriend material". They are skanky slutty bitches who think the world of themselves and cry when people talk about them, yet they always talk about other people. They are always obsessive with their appearance and try to impress boys by wearing skanky clothing. They make fun of the outcasts because they are quiet and don't worship the ground they walk on. But the truth is they probably have more of a life then the prep. Preppy boys are ALSO REALLY ANNOYING and think that they are so hot and they could get any girl they want. They think that people who act different are FREAKS and they refuse to talk to them or even look at them because they are afraid it would ruin their perfect complexion. They are usually jocks who always brag about how great they are at their sport. They TRY to be rebellious, especially with school. Both boys and girls preps listen to pop or rap and some try to be ghetto, but what they dont know is that they look retarted trying to be.Most preppy girls are obsessive with being petite and are always complaining about calories and their weight. Preppy guys are always bragging about their muscles and how many bases they got with a girl. Preppy girls always snicker and laugh when someone trips and falls and never helps them get up. They whisper to their friends and point like its SUCH a HUGE THING. PREPS SUCK!
Preppy Girls: Wannabe barbie doll
Preppy Guys: Wannabe ken doll
by someone SPECIAL...ED October 18, 2003

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