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A girl, usually slutty or skanky, who shows up at parties without receiving an invitation.
Person 1: Who the hell is that uninvitee?
Person 2: Oh, the red haired slutty chick?
Person 1: Yeah.
Person 2: That's Lindsey Hickle.
Person 1: Damn, I think i'm gonna need heavy duty plastic wrap before running my nob into that crab cake.
by somefilipinokid August 10, 2006
After dropping some kids off at the pool, you try to use the least amount of toilet paper so you don't clog the toilet. First, you take your toilet paper, bend over to the sink while still ass down on the toilet, add water, then wipe. Wiping your ass becomes 78% more efficient, reducing both time and the amount of paper. It is both economical and fun!
Ed: Dude, I had diarrhea from eating 13 snack packs...
Jason: Damn, did you clog the toilet?
Ed: Nah.. I used the water trick!
Jason: Wurd.
by somefilipinokid August 17, 2006

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