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The most awesomest, fun, bada** cartoon dog EVER
Seen in comics, tv shows, and on VCR cassettes and DVDs, and on t-shirts
Has a yellow small bird friend named Woodstock
Charlie Brown is his owner

Name one dog other than Snoopy that can:
1. roller skate
2. ice skate

3. cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on the stove or a grill
4. camp out in the middle of the friggin' woods and survive
5. still wear clothes and shades and look AWESOME
6. has a cool red doghouse that FLIES, which he names the Red Baron

7. sleeps on the roof of his doghouse

8. has a brother who lives in the DESERT
9. walk upright
diss Snoopy and i'll whoop your butt!!
#snoopy #woodstock #red baron #charlie brown #famous
by somebody//AWESOME August 07, 2011
1. Jimmy Neutron's overweight friend who has too many allergies to list

2. He is highly obsessed with llamas. ( IT'S NOT HEALTHY )

3. He can basically eat anything.

4. How can a boy who has severe allergies to every imaginable thing (except llamas) and yet still can eat ANYTHING?

5. He's a Momma's Boy
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (Movie)
the aliens are making the parents do a chicken dance

Nick: They're making our parents dance so lame.

Carl: No, my dad really dances like that.

Jimmy: What girl wants to dance with a guy who looks like he should still be in Gymboree?

Carl: quietly I didn't think we liked girls yet, Jim.

Jimmy: Oh, we don't, we don't, no, not yet. However, one day, Carl, an influx of hormones that we can't control will overpower our better judgment and drive us to pursue the female species against our will.

Carl: Hey, this astronaut food isn't too bad.

Jimmy: That's toothpaste, Carl.

Carl: Oh. Minty.

Carl Wheezer: Weee. Llamas, llamas, llamas.
#carl #wheezer #carl wheezer #jimmy neutron #llamas
by somebody//AWESOME August 08, 2011
1. It's a popular song that gets you up off the couch and dancing to it

2. It's the most famous sandwich known to man, even a 5 year old child AND even *gasp* a full-grown man can make it!

Slang: PB&J

3. The song's mascot is a dancing banana

give me 20 seconds mark, i gotta make myself a PB&J sandwich

peanut butter jelly is everybody's sandwich
#pb&j #sandwich #peanut butta jelly time #peanut butter #jelly
by somebody//AWESOME August 07, 2011
1. A social networking website that was popular in the early 2000's

2. Now, it's a website that's dead or in some people's opinions, barely alive

3. The butt of some online jokes
Facebook: What's on your mind?
Twitter: What's happening?
Myspace: Where did everybody go???
#myspace #social networking #website #joke #social fail
by somebody//AWESOME August 08, 2011
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