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Short for savage. The 'cool' kids decided they were to lazy to say the whole word.
person 1: OMG I'M THE SEX! SKEET SKEET! *runs into wall*
person 2: WHOA GOSH. WHAT A SAV.
by some random pyro chick January 10, 2007
Hands up, who wants an unbiased, non-judgemental definition? Thought so.

Simple plan is a pop-punk band from Montreal, Canada. People call them posers, poseurs, etc. but there is no such musical genre as 'Poser-rock.' People who listen to Simple Plan are also labeled posers but this again is not true.
Person 1: I love Simple Plan.
Person 2: Simple plan are posers lol!
Person 1: Go play in traffic.
by some random pyro chick January 10, 2007
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