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1 definition by solstafeer

Discriminatory barrier keeping a certain class of people out of an upper echelon of American government.

( No, not a "certain class." As the first female speaker of the house she was specifically talking about women. They were the original victims in the term "glass ceiling." )

Distinguished from a glass ceiling because not only is this class prevented from rising to the next level, they cannot even see what is going on up there.

( LOL NO, not even close. It's because there's a shit ton of marble in the capitol building, not because she randomly pulled marble out of her ass to use as an example of an opaque material. )

GJ UD for putting an obviously ignorant interpretation as the definition of the day! DURRRRRRR
"When my colleagues elect me as speaker on January 4, we will not just break through a glass ceiling, we will break through a marble ceiling." - Nancy Pelosi, Jan. 3, 2007.
by solstafeer May 18, 2010
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