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One of the most handsome, charming, intelligent, people on the planet. Practically perfect in every regard. People commonly use him as a simile for wonderfulness.
DannFann: Dude that guy is so beasht.
DinnFinn: IKR, he's such an Ozair. Wish I was like him.
by sohanstinydeck February 14, 2013
One of the most unknown figures in Indian mythology. The cause of misfortune, accidents, and blunders. Know for his prominent chins and Minecraft-on-iPod addiction, he also happens to know absolutely nothing about other Indian deities and mythology. When anything goes wrong, it's his false. Also has a tiny d, and when that feature is used in conjuction with his name as a Protobowl answer, it is sometimes accepted as correct; usually with a hilarious connection.
Example 1:
-HQi trips-

HQi: Dammit Sohan!

Example 2:
Protobowl: What is the name of this Greek city dedicated to the VIRGINAL goddess?
Answer: Sohan's tiny d
by sohanstinydeck February 19, 2013

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