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what kids that suck at sports where you have to be strong (football, wrestling) play so they can actually get in a game. unline REAL football, where you can run, pass, kick, block, in soccer, oyu just run and kick.. boring. people say it is harder than football because you have to kick a ball through a 30 foot wide goal.. well in football you have to kick it through a 20 foot wide goal so suck that one soccer fags.
also, soccer players say it is harder because you are constantly running, but soccer players stop and dribble the ball like it's their boyfriend's ass hole hair every 3 seconds. in football, you actually sprint.
real definition of soccer: a sport that should only be played by females.
soccer faggot: soccer is so much harder than football.
football player: uh yeah let's see...
*football player is faster, stronger, and kicks better than soccer douche*
football player: hope you run fast bitch....
by soccer is for queers May 02, 2009

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