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See also Trinidad and Tobago and Tobago. Half of the twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Second largest of the Commonwealth Caribbean islands (behind Jamaica). The most southernmost of the Caribbean islands (although Guyana, a mainland country in South America, is the southernmost of countries considered Caribbean). Musically, Trinidad and Tobago is the birthplace and headquarters of calypso and soca music and their variant genres; the steel pan (the official instrument of the Caribbean, and the only instrument invented in the 20th century, besides, arguably, the turntable); the limbo dance; the home of the largest, most reknowned of all the Caribbean Carnivals; and the prime exponent of masquerade, or 'mas.
Calypso, soca, and the steel pan were born and bred in Trinidad and Tobago, and are now produced by countless other countries.
by Socapedia August 17, 2012
Jamaican / Trinidadian slang and dialect for 'stupid'. See also dotish.
Ah tell ya, pahtnah ... de boy chupid fuh so!
by Socapedia August 17, 2012
Also known as chutney (the music). A blend of soca music - Trinidad and Tobago's indigenous music - and Indian chutney music, which is characterized by the sitar, the tabla and others. The singing mostly consists of distinctly traditional Indian notes and timbre, although it is often mixed with North American sounds such as rap, and Trinidadian or other Caribbean dialects, depending on which island the chutney soca music is from. Chutney soca music is a cultural result of the mix between the large African (Black) and Indian populations in Trinidad, as well as other islands such as Guyana.
I gave my favorite local DJ a wicked chutney soca mixed CD that I brought back from Trinidad Carnival. Wait 'til he busts this at the next fete!
by socapedia August 17, 2012
Trinidadian slang for ass, backside, rear end, bumpa.
"Drop yuh bumsie down low and shake it! ..." - "Shake It", soca song by Massive Chandileer
by Socapedia August 17, 2012

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