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skɜːdʒ n.

1. The plant cannabis.

2. The intoxicating effects of the cannabis plant when the plant is consumed.

tr.v. scourged; scourg-ing; scourg-es

1. to have smoked marijuanna - to be affected by marijuanna

2. to be smoking marijuanna

3. smokes marijuanna
originating from the anti-cannabis mocumentary "reefer maddness" in which marijuanna is called a "scourge to humanity" repeatedly

1. Marijuanna is a SCOURGE of the youth.

2. this is one fucking crazy SCOURGE.

1. He was so scourged last night.

2. She is just scourging right now.

3. He scourges a ton!
by smoke weed bitch July 10, 2011
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