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Listen, I just want to start out by saying, emo is not a way to get attention. Emo is not a brand of music. Emo is not skinny jeans and ripped converse. Emo is not dyed black hair covering the face. Emo is emotional. Emo people aren't doing it for attention (well real emos don't) they do it to see if anyone cares. If there is anyone who gives a crap about their life. If no one is there then they commit suicide. Emo is a way of dealing with problems. The pain of cuts distract the pain from the rest of the world as The blood washes it away. So the next time you call someone a poser or drama queen, think about what they are going through.
Emo means emotional, not skinny jeans and black dyed hair.
by smiling yet dying November 21, 2009

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