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2 definitions by smellie mofo

A person that owns a Facebook account and constantly clicks the “Like” button to all of their “friends” Facebook activity, instead of spending one once of brain power to write a full comment in response to their “friends” posts or check-in's. Generally they “like” their “friends” Facebook activity after it has becomes a day or two old or sometimes “like” Facebook activity after it is no longer important.
Example 1
Stan: “Dude I’m deleting off my Facebook.”
Alan: “What?! Why?!”
Stan: “Cause all you are is a consta-like and I’m sick of getting excited when I get a notification on my iPhone thinking its something important and it’s just you liking something stupid, like when I was tagged in Keith's check-in at the restaurant last night!”

Three Days Later....

Example 2
Keith: “Oh I just got a notification from Facebook on my iPhone. Damn it was just Alan clicking “like” to my check-in when I was at the restaurant the other night,what a consta-like!”
Alan: “Dude I’m standing right here…”
Keith: “Yeah I know…”
by smellie mofo July 20, 2011
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A young attractive woman that can easily be coerced into a three way with you and one of your good buddies. Also can be the only girl at a sausage fest party and every guy takes turns having sex with her.
Example 1
Dave: “Shit, look at her!”
Steve: ”Now that’s a nice piece of train meat.”
Dave: “Yeah? Wanna go run a train on that bitch?”
Steve: “Hell yeah!”

Example 2
Ron: "Damnit why did I come to this party is a sausage fest!
Dan: "Don't worry a nice piece of train meat just showed up"
Ron: "Just make sure if you go before me leave me something to tear up."
Dan: "Don't worry bro I always look out for the homie"
by smellie mofo July 20, 2011
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