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Rockefeller Republican refers to a faction of the United States Republican Party who held moderate to liberal views similar to those of Nelson Rockefeller. The term largely fell out of use by the end of the twentieth century, and has been replaced by the derisive term RINOs. Many Rockefeller Republicans have since left office, being replaced by either more conservative Republicans or Democrats & left the party altogether, becoming independents & Democrats.
The Rockefeller Republicans were named after Nelson Rockefeller.
by smarttdj November 20, 2009
A poorly-stocked supermarket with large amounts of empty shelf space.
This supermarket has so many empty shelves that I'd swear it was a communist supermarket
by smarttdj October 18, 2009
An intersection with seemingly unnecessary traffic lights.

Named after Hank Yarbo, character on Corner Gas who almost had traffic lights installed in Dog River after driving his pickup truck across traffic cables back & forth several times.
This intersection's like a Hank intersection
by smarttdj November 20, 2009
Telling someone you want them to arrive at something or meet you earlier than you actually do out of the knowledge that they will be late for whatever it is you want them there for.
They arrived on time because he gave her the supermodel treatment.
by smarttdj February 11, 2011
A high quality variant of a particular item in which great pride is taken, but is never used for its intended purpose.
My mum has a Ferrari pair of scissors.
by smarttdj March 01, 2010

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