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harley davidson motorcycles. a all bark no bite cry for attention, unreliable, sounds very annoying and cant jump out of its own way.. most harley davidson riders think american bikes are #1 hahahaha.....
buy a harley buy the best ride a mile walk the rest

harley davidson
by slow ej2 March 17, 2008
VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) .myself owning a honda and tired of all the RBs (RICE BOYS)thinking its some turbo uber fast thing, not realizing if u are accually gonna buid a honda engine not slap a cai and fart cannon on it accually build it will basically do away with vtec, oh and its v tec not v tech, vtack, vak ect....non vtec FTW!! oh and camaros and mustangs suck balls
iF I cAn GeT mA vTeCh WoRkIN iLl B Dun DeRe hItTiN vTeCh LIke AlL Da rYce BoIs, oN dA dRaG sTrIp
by slow ej2 March 17, 2008

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