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Occurs when someone farts in the pool. In some instances, when the air bubbles reach the surface of the water and pop you can actually smell the gas that slipped out the person's ass. It an be very disturbing, especially if it smells really bad.
Little Leroy treated all the swimmers at the city pool to a bubble bath.
by slicksal October 31, 2006
Untoned muscle. A combination of fat and muscle. Also known as fussle.
That fat dude has been lifting weights. He is not all fat, not all muscle. He has fuscle.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
a small piece of doodoo that hangs on an ass hair
I was doing 69 with my girl when she told me a dingleberry fell into her nostril
by slicksal June 12, 2007
The practically impossible act of fucking your WASP girlfrind in the ass.
I solved the Mission Impossible. I was fucking my wasp girlfriend doggy style when her sopping wet pussy caused my cock to inadvertantly slip into her tight asshole.
by slicksal December 11, 2006
A gut that is so large it hangs over the belt/waist.
That chick is so fat her stomach dunlap over her pussy.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
Untoned muscle. A blend of fat and muscle . What an overweight guy has when he lifts weights and continues to eat like a glutton. Also known as Fuscle.

That fat dude has been lifting weights, hydrating with beer and fueling the machine with pizza. His arms are all fussle.
by slicksal November 19, 2006
Mangina is the word used to descibe a male punk/bitch's asshole in prison. Sometimes, if the punk is a good piece of ass he will receive a reach around while getting his mangina caulked
The prison punk worked his mangina so well he got a reach around as a thank-you for the caulking he received.
by slicksal October 18, 2006

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