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The "Holy Shit!" reaction you get when you scare the crap out of someone (or your pet cat).
Sweet Jesus! Where in the hell did that come from!
by slavens (slave-ens) October 26, 2004
That odor you smell as you travel pass the following:
- Sewer treatment plants
- Man hole covers
- Any bathroom where someone has taken a nasty dump
- The stairwell in parking garages next to popular bars
This place smells like poogas...
by slavens (slave-ens) February 25, 2005
How to say Mother Fucker in front of children you don't want learning "Adult" language.
Futher Mucker, that hurt! (after hitting your thumb for the up-tenith time while hammering nails)
by slavens (slave-ens) November 03, 2005
Convert a file from a current version of a program to a previous version of the same program.
User 01: I can't open this file.
User 02: No wonder why. It's in Word 2003, email it to me and I'll dumb it down to Word 2000 and send it back to you.
by slavens (slave-ens) February 28, 2006
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