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25 definitions by slash

Pretty much the greatest place on earth.
I think Bellevue is jealous of Mercer Island.
by slash March 02, 2005
474 234
Every one has one, and most people are one!

A person who you cant seem to get out of your head, but they prefare to spend there time talking about some twat who treats them like shit!
"in the end it took me a dictionary, to find out the meaning of unrequited, while she was giving herself for free, at a party to which I was never invited!" - Billy Bragg
by slash March 14, 2004
180 61
See Owned
"I just pawned that sucka"
by slash January 29, 2004
164 60
The act of urinating in the buttox of a female.
I'd piss in her ass.
by Slash September 16, 2003
130 35
The skin that can be pulled out from the elbow when the arm is straightened.
She's touching my wenis.
by Slash January 02, 2005
70 54
best freaking guitarist ever
"Eric Clapton is the best guitarist ever!"
"No, Slash is!!!!"
"Oh yeah, Slash freaking owns, nevermind!"
by Slash May 03, 2003
58 47
goggles used to protect the eyes while a giant load is blown on the face.
She used the jizz goggles to shield her eyes from flying semen.
by Slash September 16, 2003
20 10