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2 definitions by slartoox

An unintentional beard started over the 4 day Thanksgiving weekend, where you're too lazy to shave it off monday morning. Usually continues until Christmas or New Year's Day.

Also known as a Holiday Beard
Boss: You look like you haven't shaved in days. That's unprofessional.
Employee: Sir, that's my Thanksgiving beard. It's my way of honoring our forefathers.
Boss: Oh, I didn't realize that. Maybe I'll grow one too.
by slartoox November 23, 2009
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Not quite fisting someone, where you have all 4 fingers and thumb inserted, but are only able to achieve penetration up to the base of the fingers.

Etymology: Put your fingers and thumb together so they all meet at the tips. Include a back-and-forth motion from the wrist, and your hand looks like a bird eating.
"Brah, I took that chick home last night."
"Oh yeah, did you get laid?"
"Nah. I did feed the bird, though."
by Slartoox February 19, 2010
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