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scene kids are just people like everyone else. they like a lot of bands people havent heard of, and wear clothes a lot of people dont accept. i dont see the big deal if someone is head to toe in hollister merch or head to toe in a thrift store merch what the difference is isnt clear to me. if everyone looked the same i would vomit. people are different and dress different and wear different clothes because we have different PERSONALITIES. there are no 2 people with the same personalities so there are no 2 people that have the same exact tastes and if they do they are FAKE.
ignorant persons thought:
those fucking scene kids dont know how to dress. they are wanna be abercrombie zombies

scene kids thoughts:
i wonder when from first to last is playing, why is that preppy girl giving me dirty looks?
by skrax October 24, 2006

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