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a way of life, how you live, what you breath, everything you cherish, all that you love, skating is everything, its how we live, its something we need, something you cant live without, essential as my heart and brain, skaters love to skate and not "pose as skaters", a real skater just strives to get better, already great at it or just starting, real skaters skat all day and do it because they want to and need to, real skaters help anyone that wants to learn................. SKATING IS A LIFE LONG JOURNEY THAT YOU WILL NEVER FINISH, YOU WILL ONLY GET BETTER, BUT AS U GET BETTER, THE FINISH LINE STAYS THE SAME DISTANCE AWAY, EVERYTIME YOU LAND A TRICK, YOU LEARN OF A NEW ONE U HAVE NEVER HEARD OF. THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES, BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP...................
i love skateboarding, its my life man!
by skateordie4ever April 23, 2007
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