2 definitions by skanklover98

The condition in which a man has three testicles. One could be considered tri-packing if he has two and a half testicles, as well. The half testicle is usually about half the size of a normal testicle, but still a third testicle. It's often connected to the normal testicle and looks like a multiplying cell just before it divides.

Sometimes this is known as a tri-blossom.
She assumed he had a huge package, but then his girlfriend revealed that it just appeared that way because he was tri-packing.
by skanklover98 June 24, 2010
Nickname for girls named Christina who are also a dirty skank, or skanker. They also tend to smell of booze, cigarettes, and dirty towels.
I'm sure she's a tar lunged dirty B word, but she's no Christanka.
by skanklover98 June 15, 2010

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