3 definitions by sk8pss aka cap-10 crunch

To rave to the maximum extent humanly possible. Ultraing is characterized by outrageous enthusiasm, jumping up-and-down, shouting, and smiling at everyone. Ultraing is typically accompanied with the freshest sounds in the world, multiple sleepless nights, which can (and usually does) result in minor brain damage, although most ultraers would claim that it is well worth the experience.

While ultraing is a spectacular phenomenon, it is not for the faint of heart.
Person A: "dude, where have you been all week? and how did you lose 10 pounds?"

Person B: "I've been ultraing for the past 5 days, I think I'm going to quit my job and start DJing, but not before hibernating for a few days"
by sk8pss AKA Cap-10 crunch April 26, 2011
Fantastically sassy
like OMG, that chick has so much energy, she's sasstastic!
by sk8pss aka cap-10 crunch December 10, 2010
To make the sexy time with a person other than one's primary partner.
Young man: i've been dating a pretty nice girl for a few months now.

Friend: have you been doing any sideshtupping, or is this one serious?
by sk8pss aka cap-10 crunch January 08, 2011

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