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Chocolate syrup when poured on a hot dog.
Yo! Phill my brother! Pour me some squeeze-me-poo on mah dog!
by sir robin of cairo April 08, 2007
When a girl tries telling a guy that he's acting like a girl, but the statement backfires when she says it too bluntly.
nidbaaray (10:15:04 pm): actually, guys can go through something like pms every month too, but it's different, o'course
chocolatephilly (10:16:06 pm): uhh did you just tell me i'm going through pms?
chocolatephilly (10:16:19 pm): cuz i think you just told me im pmsing
nidbaaray (10:19:23 pm): er, wow, that totally circumbovolated...
by sir robin of cairo April 05, 2007

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