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A beautiful country southeast of China. It's a melting pot of western and eastern cultures. Although many people hate on the Philippines, that's unjustified becuase they're just there to look around. you have to live there to know the def. Filipinos (it's spelled with an F) are very religious, respectful, humble and hospitable people. WE are very classy and have great success when brought into the world stage. Big things that came out of the Philippines:

-Lea Salonga, singer and actress. Currently working at Broadway and sang for the Mulan soundtrack.

-Karaoke. The inventor was Filipino, but the Japanese popularized it

-Gloria Diaz and Margie Moran. Miss Universe winners. These women made a point to the world that the Philippines is home to beautiful people

-Fluorescent Lights. Invented by a filipino named Flores but the plans were sold to the French. FLUORESent. much like FLORES.

-Lydia de Vega, fastest woman in Asia

-the Marcoses. Yeah, Imelda and Ferdinand themselves.

-the moon buggy. The main idea of a moon buggy was created by a Filipino

-Manny Pacquiao. Best bocer pound-by-pound. Straight out of Gen San.

-Economical and miltary strategically located.

-we can speak english...so well that when we go to America, we only have to be in English transition classes for 2 weeks

-Paeng Nepomuceno. Greatest bowler.

-gorgeous beaches and forests

-great products, crops and such
tourist: I think western countries should envy the Philippines...it's a friggin paradise for intelectuals and beauties!
by simsbury7193 May 08, 2009

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