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an alcoholic social event in which a large number of the participants who attend end up so inebriated that they become sick.
Scott stayed home on St. Patty's Day to avoid the inevitable vomitrocity.
by simply scott March 17, 2009
Having extensive experience and confidence in the realm of sexual activity and a diverse background in the pleasures of the flesh that leads to understanding, acceptance and the pleasurable application of those things that gets oneself and others off, regardless of taboos or 'standard practices'.
"She considered him sexually sophisticated because not only did he accept and enjoy her specific kinks, but he went at them with gusto and then introduced her to even more interesting ways to get off that were right in line with what she liked."
by simply scott April 07, 2010
A word used to sarcastically describe the purposeful dissemination and broadcast of unsubstantiated facts often related to political discourse and used to influence uninformed would-be voters or constituents.
Fox News' incessant biased reporting makes it a regular broadcaster of infauxtainment.
by simply scott October 27, 2010
The act or state of being prudish in an obvious sexually-stimulating situation.
Jen displayed utter prudacity when she turned her nose up at the idea of us all going to the strip club. Everyone knows she teaches a pole dancing class at the gym.
by simply scott June 03, 2010

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