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well basically this word has the same meaning as gimp. except you aren't "a gimpalicious" you are "gimpalicious".
oh my god he is so gimpalicious.
by simon quack June 28, 2004
hehehe. well to be honest it doesn't actually mean anything. its just a fun thing to shout when you're bored. TOMBERRY!!!!!!!
ooh yay tomberry
by simon quack June 28, 2004
simon's bumchum. has curly black hair and likes to shmoke. likes to ride bicycles and stick up his middle finger at innocent people passing by.
haha look its gimpy and simon together yet again.
by simon quack June 28, 2004
a message board full of the coolest people EVER :D yesh we rock. yay for obe!
i love my obeians <3
by simon quack June 28, 2004

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