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process of injecting a drug directly into one's bloodstream.
if you main line that speedball, youll get sick as shit.. and then feel absolutely nothing.
by simon September 02, 2003
a short human being, of the male gender, intelligent, clever and original
Wow that bloke is amazing, he's a grolly
by Simon September 18, 2003
Bello is a mushroom. A talking mushroom...
Julie: "Hey Bello, how's it going?"

Bello: "Not too bad."
by Simon April 12, 2004
monkey like, abnormal agility and facial expressions. he makes squawking noises and can eat an apple faster than any living mook. don't confuse this creature with Chris Kattan, though very similar in stature, they aren't the same person. will eat 6 of any pill, anytime.
mookie L, quit jumping around like a monkey and design me a city.
by simon July 03, 2003
To be tight fisted / cheap.
Why are you being so Gilly? Its only 20p.
by Simon April 01, 2005
An Illicit Snog
Andy Jiffled her outside the club whilst his friends looked for him inside.

A jiffle is kissing someone so no-one can see you, or in a "Sly" Manner.

You cannot jiffle someone you are going out with
by Simon February 24, 2003
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